Actor Jim Cuffaro

About Jim Cuffaro

 Jim has been featured in a number of major productions. He has had various parts such as Policeman, Prison Officer, Vicar, Parisian Tailor, Roman Emperor, Gypsy, Victorian Doctor, Wizard, Blacksmith, Citizen, Jewish Refugee, and Bookie to name but a few. He is flexible in character and considers reliability a premium. He is able to adapt to any situation. Has his own Policeman uniform for use on set. 

Film Productions

2009 Clash Of The Titans,

2010 Harry Potter,

2010 Late Bloomers,

2009 Burke and Hare,

2009 The Kid,

2009 Special Relations,

2010 Will,

2010 Cleanskin,

2010 Jack Falls,

2010 X-Men First Class,

2010 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

2010 Johnny English

2010 The Dead Inside.

2011 Sherlock Holmes,

2011 The Iron Lady

2011 Cockneys V Zombies

2011 The Dark Knight Rises

TV Production:

2010 New Tricks,

2010 Gladiator: The True Story,

2010 Miliband of Brothers,

2010 Lewis,

2010 Luther,

2010 The Morgana Show  

2010 Conqueror ( Danish TV )

2011 Top Boy

2011 EastEnders

Bollywood production:

2009 Honour Killing,

2010 “R.A ONE” 

2011 Tezz ( Bullet Train )

2011 Cocktail


2009 American Express

2010 T-Mobile: Welcome Back

2010 Doritos Competition: It’s That Time Of Day

Corporate Videos:

2010 Strike

2010 Arabian Family.

Music Video: 

2010 Dizzee Rascals Dirtee Disco.




Jim Cuffaro and Dizzee Rascal  on the Dirtee Disco Set

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